DiaNa is all about oral, written and group communication.

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DiaNa is all about oral, written and group communication. It is an abbreviation of Dialogue for Scientists and Engineers and the purpose of DiaNa is to give students tools to use in their careers, be they in academia, industry or government. To be able to communicate with many different target groups and get your message across is a key factor for successful work. 

To gain the mentioned tools students will excercise skills by practical training integrated in different courses. Trainings can be e.g. to give a presentation or writing a scientific text, by yourself or in a group.

As your education progress so will your communication training for you to develop your skills as much as possible.

Coaching session

Approximatley half way through the education students will get an appointment for a meeting with a supervisor. These meetings are private conversations (about 20 min) and provide students with an opportunity to reflect around how their communication skills have evolved since they started their education.

Prior to the meeting, it is important that students look through the documentation and self evaluations stored in the communication portfolio in the Student portal. We hope that this meeting will give students motivation and inspiration to continue working on their communication skills.

If you have any questions or want to know more about these meetings, please contact the  coordinators in the Communication Network.


All students who have participated in the communication training are qualified for a certificate that states the amount of training a student have gone through.

Employers have for years asked for persons with science backgrounds and well versed in communicating their knowledge both orally and in writing. For this reason we issue the certificate as proof students have this when graduating from our programmes. 

If you are at the end of your education and/or almost ready to graduate? Send an e-mail to diana@ibg.uu.se with name, civic number and the adress to where you wish us to send the certificate. You can also apply for a certificate through your Communication Portfolio in Studium.

Last modified: 2022-10-03