TekNats Studentkonferens (Naturvetarkonferensen) 2016

TekNats Studentkonferens 2016 hölls onsdagen 5 oktober kl. 13.00-15 på EBC.

Inbjudna talare var Ulf Danielsson, professor i teoretisk fysik och Stina Weststrand, biolog och vinnare av Forskar Grand Prix.

Ulf pratade om det senaste om svarta hål: Gravitational Waves and Black Holes Last year gravitational waves from colliding black holes were detected by the LIGO observatory. This was considered to be one of the most important discoveries in physics of the last several decades. In this lecture you will find out why.

Stina tog med oss  på två resor: Travelling with spikemosses A journey can be done in many ways. During the last years I have been a PhD student travelling with spikemosses, a mainly tropical plant group with a history spanning 350 million years. In this talk you will join me on this journey, starting in 2010, going back to the Carboniferous, and then back to the present again. This will involve movements across space and time, evolutionary questions and hypotheses, and a few glimpses from the daily life of a PhD student.

Efter de inledande presentationerna följde studentpresentationer enligt programmet.

Vinnarna för bästa studentpresentation blev Sara Lundsten och Sifra Bijl!