TekNats Studentkonferens 2017

TekNats Studentkonferens 2017 hölls onsdagen 4 oktober kl. 13.00-15 på EBC. På konferensen presenterade studenter från TekNat.

Inbjudna talare var Olle Matson, professor i kemi som pratade om Poisonous molecules - harmful but useful
"Poisonous plants and animals have historically had a great impact on hunting, fishing, and protecting food from vermins. Poisons have also been highly popular to use in homicide, suicide, and war - as recently in Syria. Additionally, many poisonous substances are useful in medicinal applications and research. In this lecture, I will discuss both well-known and unique poisonous molecules and their ties to our cultural history."

Vår andra inbjudna talare var Hemin Koyi, professor i geologi som pratade om Plate tectonics: The dance of the giants
 "In this talk, I will be outlining some elementary aspects of plate tectonics before getting deeper into what makes these gigantic plates move. We will be duelling on a couple of different ideas which have been proposed as the driving engine of plate tectonics and give arguments for and against them. Even though the plates we are standing on are moving, come and observe; the lecture room will be stationary."

Sophie van Hamelsveld
Arindam De Tarafder and Teresa Reinli (iGem).


Sophie van Hamelsveld och Teresa Reinli vann pris för bästa studentpresentation.

Human impacts on the Antarctic - Threat or good example? Saskia Klaus

Creating a synthetic promotor for renewable fuel! Katja Annala

 SensUs: international student competition on biosensors for healthcare Anna Blasi

The importance of entropy Emmi Herterich

Possibility to make saffron cheap! Teresa Reinli and Arindam De Tarafder (iGem)

Standard Model of Particle Physics Souvanik Hui

Tane Mahuta- a story of bioprotection in Northland, New Zealand Sophie van Hamelsveld

Mammary gene expression analysis in milking animals Pushkar Chitale

Senolytics - A novel approach to combat age related diseases Victor Björk

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