DiaNa is all about oral, written and group communication and it is an abbreviation for Dialogue for Scientists and Engineers. DiaNa is an effective set of tools used in courses in biology, chemistry, geology, physics, and biotechnology. The aim is to make all students as well prepared as possible for the life that awaits them after their studies. Regardless if they aim for a career in a company or in academia communication skills are very valuable. To be able to present orally and in writing as well as working in groups as effectively as possible.


As a teacher you are responsible for the assignments that include this kind of training. Often they already are included in the course plan. What DiaNa does is to emphasize these assignments, put them in a larger context and give the students a chance to learn as much as possible from each task.

This does not mean that you as a teacher has to be an expert in communication to be able to lead a DiaNa assignment. The tools we use in DiaNa are feedback and self evaluation. The feedback comes from both you as a teacher and from the other students. The main task of the teacher is to give balanced feedback on presentations and texts and try to be as balanced as possible between positive and constructive feedback. The teacher creates an Assignment for the DiaNa exercise in the Student Portal, and all files in this Assignment will be saved to the student's Communication portfolio. The self evaluation is for the student alone to fill in in the Assignment and will also be saved in the student's  portfolio. If you need help with creating an Assignment, check out the help function in the Student Portal, or contact your DiaNa coordinator.

To give all teachers the skills to feel as prepared as possible for their task IBG offers courses for supervising oral and written assignments.

DiaNa's Steering and Project groups
DiaNa's Steering- and Project groups. Front row: Magnus Hellqvist, Gunnar Johansson. Back row: Laurent Duda, Lena Henriksson, Ingela Lanekoff, Olle Björneholm, Katarina Andreasen, Ingrid Ahnesjö, Daniel Mossberg.