What we do and why

During their first year, students get a theoretical introduction both to oral presentations and to scientific writing. This is not however the basics of our communication training. The two focus areas within DiaNa are feedback given by both students and teachers on performances and self evaluations afterwards. These two methods are the key within all communication assignments given throughout courses. Feedback does not only contain comments on the facts or on grammatics but mainly on how the facts are presented. By this way of working the student get tangible information on what works and what could use improvement in presentations, texts etc. Self evaluations are a way of reflecting on the performance and the feedback received to choose an area to focus on. By these two methods we try to stimulate an active personal development where students take responsibility for their own improvement.

All training within DiaNa is stored during the course of a students education. All assignments connected to DiaNa; written texts, filmed presentations, self evaluations etc are stored in the students' Communication portfolio in the Student portal. All students also meet with a supervisor for communication coaching during their education, usually in the middle of their education. The supervisor uses the documentation in the Communication portfolio as a base for these sessions. 

The procedure is simple:

  1. Students carry out an assignment
  2. Feedback from teacher and students
  3. Self evaluation and documentation
  4. Follow-up during the middel of the education