Self evaluations

Self evaluations stimulate development

Feedback is essential to gain knowledge about your strengths and possibilities. But for feedback to lead to improvement the receiver of the feedback need to administer it in a constructive way. We try to stimulate students to do this by way of self evaluation done after a presentation. The core of self evaluation is the ability to reflect and to evaluate the performance. This, together with the communication skills, help develop an active and responsible approach to their own skills and knowledge which is the basics for longtime learning.

Self evaluations in practice

After a student have recieved feedback from fellow students and the teacher he/she compiles the comments and based on that material evaluates hir own presentation. The self evaluation we use not only focus on aspects of communication but also aspects of the subject in question and what the student felt went well. The most important part of the evaluation is that the student chooses a focus point for next presentation, that hir plan to improve most (e.g. to make the finish as good as possible or to better adapt the language to the audience). By doing this the communication training become adapted to the student in question. Every self evaluation is stored in the individual Communication portfolio in the Student portal. No comparison is made between students.

The Communication portfolio includes self evaluations for each course where communication training is included. You can find all forms and documents here.