Follow up

Documentation and individual follow-up

Developing communication skills is a long and slow process which makes it difficult to see the skills improving. The self evaluations made after each assignment aim to stimulate reflection on ones own communication, this to have an active and aware developmental process but also to document the progress. All self evaluations are saved in a personal communication portfolio together with other documents such as written texts, videos of presentations and more. This highlights the development of any singular student during the course of a programme.

All students are offered individual coaching

During the third semester of the bachelor programme and the second semester of the master programmes students are offered a personal coaching session with a supervisor. Before the session the student prepares by going through hir portfolio and categorizes hir strengths and development so far. During the session the focus is to find what strengths a student have and what can be done to develop the communication skills further. Many bear witness that it was first when having the coaching session that their development became clear. This is usually due to the fact that progress is slow and spans several semesters which makes it unclear unless documented. By shedding light on the progress made by a student, hir self esteem also grows. 

After the programme and the communication training is completed, a long career awaits where communication is part of the daily work.