Starting points

Integration adds to learning

The communication training is not supposed to be something "on top" of the rest of the course. Our aim is to integrate the assignments so well that the tasks feel like one way of learning among others, for students and teacher alike. At the same time the students become better at communication. To take advantage of the tasks to increase both communication skills and subject knowledge.

The gift of speech is a myth

Some people have a natural disposition for writing or presenting, in the same way that Mozart had for playing the piano. But it is no secret that everyone can learn to play. It is the same thing with communication. With practice everyone can learn to be a skilled communicator.

Positive and constructive feedback

Feedback that students get should be positive to highlight the strengths said student have when presenting. Feedback should also be constructive in that it shows possible alternatives and not just saying that something is "wrong" or not desirable.

Personal goals and own responsibility

With each self evaluation a student sets personal goals for how to develop her/his communication skills until next assignment. By actively reflecting on goals and progress made and acting on these goals a student leaves the programme as skilled communicators.

A good environment

It is ok to try new things in a good environment. To dare and to fail. We provide this environment so that everyone can develop their skills no matter what level of expertise teh students have when starting the programme.

Raising the bar

We try to raise the bar throughout the whole programme to give students the chance to experience different ways of communication. To widen the zone of comfort in which students can present with skill and ease.