Courses for supervisors

It's the teachers who act as supervisors for communications training at their courses. Therefore all teachers who supervise communication assignments are encouraged to take a supervising course. These courses are the key to developing common grounds as well as competence for the teachers to be able to conduct these assignments with as much ease as possible. The courses are led by experts within each field.

It is very common for teachers to feel that they are not competent enough within the field of communication to be able to give good feedback to the students. But that could not be further from the truth! To be able to give the best feedback to our students the supervisors need to have a good grasp of science as well as knowing the basics of communication. In those cases that an external supervisor is used in a course the teacher still need to adress issues connected to the subject at hand.

All courses are free of charge and primarily focus is on PhD-students, lecturers and researchers in science who take part in teaching. Since 2016 the courses are given by TUR, the Council for Educational Development at the Faculty of Science and Technology.


A certificate to be added to your pedagogical portfolio is awarded after completing the course.

Supervising course - Teamwork with active students

"Teamwork with active students"

This course is given in Swedish by the Academic Teaching and Learning unit. For more information, see the Swedish page.