DiaNa Communication Portfolio

The DiaNa Communication Portfolio in Studium stores all files from the communication training. Powerpoint presentations, manuscripts, lab reports, group work, articles and more can be stored for each course.

In your Communication Portfolio you also fill in the self evalution form which is one of most important tools in the communication training. Take a moment to reflect on the results of your presentation or text. What went well, what can be improved next time? You can add comments to help remembering those ideas the next time a similar assignment comes along. 

The self evaluation forms is also the main part of the certificate that can be issued for all the communication training exercises you have participated in. 

Log on to the Communication portfolio (if you don't have access yet, please contact your DiaNa Coordinator)

Step by step

1. Log in to Studium

To log in you need to activate your student account: https://konto.weblogin.uu.se/

If you don't remember your password, you can retrieve it from IT support:

More information is also available at IT for students.

Log in to Studium

2. Go to the Communication portfolio

3. Go to the module for your course and click on the communication exercise

You can upload files (PowerPoint presentations, manuscripts, texts, etc.) to the Assignment  and fill in the self-evaluation. Everything is saved in your personal communication portfolio.

In the self-evaluation you summarize your feedback and set goals for the next exercise.

Last modified: 2022-10-03